• Morandi, one-stop shop for all your hotel furniture

    At Morandi we have over 10 years of manufacturing experience in creating custom hotel furniture of the highest quality at affordable prices

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  • Morandi furniture will
    make your dreams come true

    Morandi furnishings gives your hotel guest room and public area interiors a classy decor and make a compelling statement.

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  • Craftmanship inspired by European traditions

    Quality materials and workmanship are combined to create furniture with functionality and beauty.

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  • We will make the hotel furniture you want

    Decorating your hotel with Morandi furniture and accessories can cover a wide range of tastes. Our furniture makers are influenced by Italian furniture, with its timeless appeal and sophisticated look.

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  • Hotel furniture with style and practicality

    Morandi furniture echoes styles of Italian furniture such as the Renaissance, Gothic and Rococo as well as the avant garde.

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  • Everything you need for beautiful hotel interiors

    Please browse our collection styles and submit a wish list of the furniture items you’d like to be quoted on today.

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Who is Morandi?

Morandi is a manufacturer of high-quality hotel furniture. Over the years, we have provided beautiful custom hotel and furniture to many fine Hotels across the world. Our state-of-the-art factories in China can manufacture any design in any dimension you require and to every style and budget.

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Customer Review

  • "Morandi did a great job."

    - Tony Dada, Venezuela
  • "We were very satisfied with Morandi's work."

    - Michel Paris, Holiday Inn, Europe
  • "Morandi comes highly recommended for their work."

    - Kim Kim, Majestic Hotels, Thailand

Why choose us?

  • Morandi has more than 20 years experience of making custom hotel furniture.
  • We have provided furniture to fine hotels all across the world.
  • Our affordable hotel furniture collections can be customized to any size, shape, or finish, and budget.
  • If you have tricky room shapes or sizes, we can adapt a standard range to meet your exact requirements.
  • Our new state-of-the-art factory in Zhengzhou, China just opened in 2016.
  • Our factories are stocked with modern automated equipment.
  • We place a high premium on traditional production methods and reducing the impact of chemicals and solvents. t
  • Our furniture makers are influenced by classic European furniture, with its timeless appeal and sophisticated look.
  • From oak beds to chaise chairs and banquet tables, Morandi can supply all the furniture you need for your hotel.
  • Morandi furniture gives your hotel guest room and public area interiors a classy decor and makes a compelling statement.